Healthcare Company Spending Needs Control and Reporting.

Help Health Care Industry achieve compliance with PhRMA and AdvaMED Code.

Federal and State guidance and reporting requirements are becoming more invasive, detailed and frequent.

Increased scrutiny on total budget spent on Healthcare professionals across a firm and by type of intervention/relationship.

Regulations and Laws are applying to an increased number of pharmaceutical activities.

Current Systems Don't Cut It.

Multiple disparate systems and databases spread throughout pharmaceutical companies with little to no integration.

Reporting and tracking on remuneration is labor intentsive.

Multiple business units and divisions create complexity with tracking, visibility and accountability.

Approval process is more PO based for 3rd party suppliers and not focused on physician specific thresholds and limits.

As A Result.

High resource time spent manually collecting, tracking and assimilating data - Monthly, Quarterly, Randomly.

High risk for inaccuracy and inconsistency. Lack of reconciliation.

Partial visibility into the true financial relationship with practitioners.

The HCC Solution.

Web-based front end solution that integrates with multiple platforms, technologies and databases.

Real-time tracking of financial transactions between the firm and practitioners.

Integration of legacy and new systems.

Information can be data-entered by users or file loaded.